Incarcerated Contentment

Aaron Mann

Incarcerated Contentment

How did he do it? All of the persecution. All of the time spent in jail. A life exhausted for the advancement of something greater than himself. He was someone who knew both poverty and plenty. Both abundance and need. What was his secret?

In Philippians 4, the Apostle Paul reveals that his "secret" to life was, in fact, no secret at all. He teaches us that the key to true joy in this lifetime is not found in the circumstances that surround us, but in Christ and in Christ alone. True joy is found in a contentment in all that He is and all that He offers. Join us for worship this Sunday!

He Said "Yes!"

By Stacey Cox

Harvests are joyful times. We love a good harvest festival, whether it celebrates apples, pumpkins, or cotton coming in. The celebration would probably be greater if we realized all that a farmer goes through to bring in crop and so keep us alive. Last week we witnessed as Ruth agreed to the plan of Naomi, heading down to the harvest "job site" to propose that Boaz fulfill the law of the kinsman-redeemer. How shall this noble man respond? Join us Sunday for "'He said, Yes!'"