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Current series


The Bible is a story, God’s story. It recounts how the Creator made a beautiful and good world, and how He fashioned mankind in His image to share in His rule. It tells how things went terribly wrong, how the human race embraced the rule of sin and death. But God didn’t simply walk away from His creation. Enter Christmas and the birth of Jesus.

This year we are calling our Advent series, “Immanuel: God with Us.” And over the next four Sundays leading up to Christmas, we are going to look closely at some of the key elements of the biblical account of Christmas. We’ll see exactly why the birth of a baby two thousand years ago should be important to us today. Hopefully we’ll all come away with a new and deeper understanding of Christmas. Hope you will join us!  

"To this end, Westminster Church exists to reach everyone with the gospel of Jesus Christ, to renew one another in the image of Jesus Christ, and to release everyone into the community and beyond."