"One Gospel | People | Mission"

Rev. Dr. Stacey M. Cox

"One Gospel | People | Mission"

After eight months, we've made it. Our time in 1 Corinthians is concluding, at least for the foreseeable future. One would think Paul could 'land the plane' without kicking up too much dust. But that hasn't been his approach thus far. His final remarks are seemingly a series of 'P.S.s' Yet even Paul's 'P.S.s' are full of edification and instruction. With his parting words, the apostle reminds his schismatic friends at Corinth there is one gospel of God, one people, and one mission. And it's a wonderful reminder for us!

Comfort Gospel

Rev. Lane Stephenson

Gospel Comfort

Believers live in a continual tension while in this world. On the one hand, we have great ignorance and weakness. "We do not know what to pray for as we ought," Paul writes in Romans 8:26. On the other hand, we have assurance that we may possess with an unshakable confidence. Only two verses after verse 26, Paul begins a great affirmation with the words "We know." We who know Christ have gospel comfort that rests upon God's unchanging and certain purpose. Join us this Sunday for "Gospel Comfort".