Boston, MA

Flight Details

JetBlue  -  Flight #396  -  ATL > BOS  -  April 1

Departure: 9:54 am  -  Arrival: 12:34 pm


Transportation in Boston

Once we arrive in Boston, we will take the subway (aka - "the T") from the airport to our lodging in Roslindale. Once in Roslindale, most transportation will be done on foot.


Boston to Portland

We will have two rental cars for use from the time we leave Boston until the time we head home on Friday.


In Roslindale, we have a 3 bedroom Airbnb home that sleeps up to 16. It is a short walk from a few local restaurants as well as the Christ the King church office.

Check out the Boston crib  HERE !

Check out the Boston crib HERE!

Portland, ME

Flight details

United  -  Flight #4826  -  PWM > EWR (Newark)

April 7  -  Departure: 7:05 am  -  Arrival: 8:35 am

United  -  Flight #1849  -  EWR > ATL

April 7  -  Departure: 10:45  -  Arrival: 1:14


Transportation in Portland

Portland is an extremely walkable city. Lots of walking to be done. We will also have access to 2 rental cars for all travel to be done outside the city.


A member at Centerpoint Church has a connection with Marriott Hotels. We will be staying at a Fairfield Inn right outside of Portland near the The Maine Mall.

Check this place out  HERE !

Check this place out HERE!