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1 CORINTHIANS: ONE Gospel | People | Mission

Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians is one of the longest letters he penned, arguably the most controversial, and is vital for the church today.  Within its pages, Paul surgically applies the gospel to daily life in the church.  Written to unify the church, ironically it has proven to be a great source of division historically, as matters of sex, marriage and divorce, spiritual gifts, the role of women in the church, church discipline, and Christian freedom are all tackled head-on.

While we are more connected than ever, everything in our world feels more divided than ever.  It appears every cultural issue is a ‘hot potato’ in waiting.  Disunity is widespread.  And, yes, it makes its way into the church. 

1 Corinthians is a complex book that addresses what ails us, and we are going to hike through its pages in the coming months.  For what God had to say to His Church in Corinth, He still says to His church today.  Plan to join us this Sunday!

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sunday school

Current 2019 classes are listed below. All classes meet at 9:45am.

  • Room 201 | Young Adults Class | Material: "The Pressure's Off" by Larry Crabb | Teachers: Ted Palmer, Phil Collier, Jeff Williams, & David Peake

  • Room 202 | Adults Class | Material: “The Book of Hosea” | Teacher: Dean Van Alstyne

  • Rooms 203/205 | Adults Class | Material: "Psalms for Our Hearts” | Teachers: Team of Teachers

  • Room 204 | Adults Class | Material: "The Life of Joseph" Genesis 37-50 | Teachers: Jason Stephenson, Brent Archer, & Kerry Mann

  • Rooms 323 & 324 (Upstairs) | Youth Classes | Material: "The Book of I John" | Who: 6th-12th Grades | Teachers: Middle School - Dylan & Annie Mann; High School - Charlie & DJ Phillips

  • The Polka Dot Room (Downstairs) | Children's Class | Material: "Hearts Alive" by New Growth Press | Who: Pre-K thru 5th Grades | Teachers: Jess Williams, Cathy Auffarth, Pris Strom, & Jeremy Shockley

"To this end, Westminster Church exists to reach everyone with the gospel of Jesus Christ, to renew one another in the image of Jesus Christ, and to release everyone into the community and beyond."