Discipleship / Groups

We desire to see people renewed day by day into the image of Jesus Christ.  While we are not all called to be the same type of Christian, we are called to mature in our gospel identities (2 Peter 3:18).  We believe persons steeped in the life of Christ will increasingly exhibit the beauty of God in their character, personality, and daily living.

One of the ways we aid in this renewing process is through our groups.  Groups are integral to all that we do at Westminster. As our church grows larger on Sunday, we grow smaller during the week. Groups are a great way to grow in your relationship with God, meet new friends, and make a difference. We encourage everyone to be involved in a Westminster Community Group on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, and to participate and invite your friends to Play Groups (relaxed and informal gatherings) that you are interested in.

Registration for spring 2019 groups is now closed. if you’d like to see what our groups look like, You can view the spring 2019 groups catalog HERE. be on the lookout for fall 2019 groups and sign-ups in august.

For more information, or if you have questions about Groups at Westminster Church, contact Stacey Cox at staceyc@wcpca.org.